Reviving American Farms.
Farming should be a career not a second job.

Misty Meadows of Kentucky is an exclusive provider. This means we only sell farmer’s poultry to and for one entity and one alone. This ensures job security for the farmer while providing the freedom of running their own business.

Unlike other commercial poultry corporations, we believe that farmers decide their own financial future which is why we do not believe in dictating how farmers operate their business. Instead of convoluted contracts like those that have bankrupted millions of American poultry farmers, we serve as a direct selling channel.

Through investment, whether it be livestock, cash or other contribution(s), one can become a stockholder of the company. Farmers earn money from the sale of their poultry and also a percentage from our processing plant.

Contact us today to learn how you can make farming a career with Misty Meadows of Kentucky!

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